Filip Troníček

A little bit weird 14 year old who loves web development and Python


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Statistics of teamtrees
Jupyter Notebook 0 0
A simple website for creating countdowns
JavaScript 1 0
A simple app for showing what's possible with the Google's open-source project Tensorflow.
JavaScript 0 0
An online stat counter for
HTML 2 0
A simple image sharing platform
A file delivery site for Interclip
A simple QR code generator
HTML 0 0
Karma counter using the Reddit User API
JavaScript 0 0
An easy peasy Node.js based time server
JavaScript 0 0
A JS version of the Pewdiepie - T-series subgap
JavaScript 0 0
A simple JS video player
A bot that tells you what important events took place on today's date
Python 0 0

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